Cancelling an order:

Escoots wants our customers to be confident and happy with their purchase. All of our customers can cancel their scooters within 14 days of purchase.

  • All of our customers can cancel their order for any reason within 14 days of making a purchase.
  • We aim to get the scooters dispatch as quick as possible, your purchase maybe on its way to you.
  • If we have shipped the scooter out to you and you would like to cancel the order the purchaser will be required to arrange return shipping.
  • The 6% sales transaction fee the seller was charged by the selling platform plus 2.5% re-stocking fee will be deducted from the final refunded amount.
  • All approved refunds can take up to 14 days to be refunded to your original payment method.
  • See the ‘common terms’, below. 

First 14 Days:

Customer satisfaction is what we prioritise in our business and we aim to help our customers ASAP. All of our customers have 14 days from delivery to request a return if they no longer want the item.

  • Customers have 14 days from the date of delivery to request a return.
  • The customer is afforded 3km of travel to evaluate the scooter is to their liking and fit for purpose.
  • The items must be returned in an “as new” condition with less that 3km of travel and all components in their original box and packaging. If reasonable care has not been taken resulting in damage or deterioration of the goods, if the purchases has removed or modified parts or packaging or exceeded the 3km travel window a charge will be applied for the reduction in value.
  • All approved refunds can take up to 14 days to be refunded to your original payment method.
  • The 6% sales transaction fee the seller was charged by the selling platform plus 2.5% re-stocking fee will be deducted from the final refunded amount.
  • See the ‘common terms’, below.

First 12 months:

We take pride and care in our products and we care for our customers. If the scooter should exhibit some fault within the first 12-months we will help you diagnose the fault and send replacement parts and how-to instructional video free of charge. We do not honour warranty for scooters that has been sold from third parties. Warranty is only available for the original purchasers who bought new from us.

  • If a fault should occur within the first 12 months of ownership we will assist you in remotely diagnosing the fault and we will send your replacement parts and instructional videos free of charge. In some instances, the manufacturer will charge the customer a small shipping fee but we will make every effort to waiver this cost. 
  • We also try our best to help you over the phone
  • See the ‘common terms’, below. 

Common Terms:

  • The unboxing of a new electric scooter is a celebrated moment. Every measure is taken to ensure your item is handled carefully when manufacturing, boxing and transporting your product. Superficial scuffs to the metalwork and other cosmetic damage may occur and are not a basis for return. 
  • Colour deviations may occur between batches including the colour of switches, stickers, reflectors and hardware. These small deviations are not a basis for return.
  • Scooters will have travelled a long distance from the production line to your front door. In some instances the mechanically assembled parts like handlebars and disc brakes and other will have to be re-aligned and/or tightened with the accompanying tools. This requirement of a newly unboxed scooter is not basis for return. 
  • Where the purchaser arranges the return shipping of an item they accept all liability for any damage, lost items and loss of value incurred during the return shipping.
  • Whilst the seller will provide remote technical support and instruct the user directly on how to repair an item it is the customers discretion as to whether the repair should be done by themselves or a qualified expert. We support our customers in all earnestness but the seller bears no responsibility for damage to the product or injury to the user over the course of the repair.
  • If the customer attempts to modify or repair a fault without first consulting the seller we will support you in rectifying your issue but the warranty will have become null and void.
  • Returned items must be safely and securely packaged in a manner fit for shipping. Customers are encouraged to keep the original box and packing material to facilitate this effort. The purchaser accepts all liability for any damage, lost items and loss of value incurred during the return shipping. 

The warranty does not cover:

  • Consumable parts such as wheels (tyres or punctures), cables, brakes, headlights and mudguards are not covered under manufacture warranty and are not an eligible basis for return.
  • The warranty for the electric scooter battery is for 6 months, only.
  • Bent and snapped metalwork (handlebars, wheel axles, wheel frames) and broken welds are symptomatic of stunting manoeuvres which occur in breach of normal operating guidelines and are not an eligible bases for return.
  • Water damaged scooters are not covered in anyway! If water indicators are red then warranty is instantly void.
  • Any fault due to misuse of a product or fair wear and tear which includes but is not limited to:
    • Do not ride your scooter in the rain
    • Do not ride your scooter through puddles
    • Do not ride your scooter off sidewalks, ledges or stairs
    • Do not ride your scooter over potholes.
    • Do not attempt wheelies of other stunting manoeuvres.
  • In some instances the mechanically assembled components of a newly unboxed scooter will be need to be re-fitted, adjusted and/or tightened prior to use. This is anticipated my the manufacturer many of whom ship scooters with parts to accommodate this. This requirement of a newly delivered scooter is not basis for return. 

Processing: orders can take up to 48 hours for processing, this is to cover any delays in our warehouse or if we are very busy. Delivery is 2-7 working days. Orders after 12 PM will enter processing the next working day. Orders on the weekends will enter processing on the next working day.



If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints regarding this Agreement, we encourage you to contact us using the details below:

Phone: 0117 9111 255
Email Address: Hello@escoots.co.uk